Digital Marketing Disciplines by Professional Consulting Agency Atimevis

The age of computer technology has changed the world of entrepreneurship and the way we communicate with customers beyond recognition. Now, in order to successfully compete in a super fluctuating industry, it is important to be widely represented on all popular communication platforms and regularly carry out active work there. It is through our inclusive approach, based on rich professional competence and deep knowledge of multiple business sectors, that you can expect the most exceptional results.

We know that every company is unique and inimitable. Therefore, we always work closely with each client to accurately understand the mission, commercial goals, target audience and market dynamics. Through careful planning, analytical research, we ensure that all promotional campaigns are effective, adapt to the ever-changing internet-based environment and bring measurable results.

Whether you want to boost traffic to your website, e-commerce store, generate leads, enhance conversions or raise trademark awareness, our comprehensive services are designed to achieve these objectives. Experience the power of digital innovation and unlock the full potential of your networked presence.

Digital Marketing Disciplines by Professional Consulting Agency Atimevis

Web-Based Selling Practices

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Content Marketing (CM) Disciplines by Professional Consulting Agency Atimevis


It’s more than just words on a personal page. This is a powerful strategy that drives engagement and maximizes results. In the era of electronic gadgets and applications, when there is so much information of all kinds, it is simply necessary for enterprises to publish interesting and meaningful materials and texts that will resonate with their readers and viewers.

This course includes writing compelling narratives, valuable ideas and useful solutions that not only attract attention, but also build trust and loyalty.

Through blog posts, videos, regular account updates and other, companies can establish themselves as industry leaders and produce strong bonds with their customers. First and foremost, it’s about creating value, which ultimately paves the way for escalated brand awareness and business growth.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Disciplines by Professional Consulting Agency Atimevis


The direction associated with the promotion of a site or pages through remunerated commercial in search engines. It involves creating and running online advertisements that appear on various web pages when using browsers. This technique provides corporations with increased brand familiarity, expanding the reach of interested spectators using keyword that is relevant to their products.

Typically, this procedure contains the use of infrastructures such as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (aka Bing Ads), or other sites that offer paid publicity.

Ads are displayed alongside regular explore results and advertisers pay a certain amount whenever someone clicks on their ad, hence the term pay-per-click (PPC).

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Disciplines by Professional Consulting Agency Atimevis


This is a type of marketing that involves using social media platforms to promote wares, services or labels. The work is carried out using societal networks such as Facebook, Instagram, X (ex-Twitter), LinkedIn, Reddit and others. All this allows you to significantly increase the participants, as well as provide and maintain productive collaboration with it.

The methodology encompasses the creation and distribution of valuable content that resonates with users, encourages cooperation, and ultimately drives desired actions such as website visits, prospect generation or sales.

One of the key advantages of this direction is its ability to reach a large and diverse attendees. Today’s online connectivity channels have billions of engaged users, giving enterprises the opportunity to connect with potential buyers around the world.