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Discover the exciting world of modern possibilities with our exceptional collection. Whether you’re a creative expert, hobbyist or enthusiast, our diverse range of carefully crafted 3D goods are designed to take projects to new heights.

Each of the ware is created by a professional, which guarantees unsurpassed quality and realism. Our assets cover a broad spectrum of categories, from realistic items to stunning environments and complex scenes, to suit any commercial need.

Thanks to the variety of available formats, you can easily import each of our objects into any of the currently popular programs. Whether you’re working on games, films, architectural visualizations, or any other innovative endeavor, our files are here to enhance your designs and help bring ideas to life.

Experience the power of 3D with meticulously developed and selected premium models. Unleash your artistic process and revealed new opportunities for your digital masterpieces. Choose the right output for your job, shop now and take your professionalism to the next level.

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Digitized Three-Dimensional Prototypes

Welcome to our computerized volumetric commodities page, find below the exact right remedy for your needs

Low Poly 3D Models Online Store: Services, Samples, Molds & Formats by Studio Atimevis


This is a class with relatively few polygons, resulting in a simplified and less detailed appearance. They are designed with efficiency in mind as they require less computational resources and can be rendered quickly. While these objects are less complex, they can still capture the essence of the original subject or scene, forming them ideal for real-time apps such as video games and simulations.

One of the main advantages of such models is their versatility. Due to their low weight, they can be easily included in a wide range of works without sacrificing performance. This makes them a popular choice for mobile gaming, virtual reality and communicative applications. What’s more, they lend themselves well to stylization, allowing artists and designers to explore unique stylish and artistic expression.

Mid Poly 3D Models Online Store: Services, Samples, Molds & Formats by Studio Atimevis


This is the kind that strikes a balance between simplicity and difficulty. It offers already higher geometric complexity and substantially more fine detail than their minimalist counterparts. This extra peculiarity enhances the realism and visual quality of finished assets without overwhelming the hardware’s capabilities. That is why they are also suitable for a vast range of applications.

It is this proportion that makes them a versatile choice for designers and artists who need to hit the sweet spot between visible fidelity and work efficiency. Whether creating a virtual world, designing a product prototype, or drawing a breathtaking image, this model format offers the flexibility and increased versatility to suit specific requirements.

High Poly 3D Models Online Store: Services, Samples, Molds & Formats by Studio Atimevis


This is another option where the objects already have a high degree of detail. Usually these are complex tri-dimensional goods with a high level of realism. Due to their complexity and intricate design, files are ideal for applications that require precision, such as architectural visualization, simulation, film, advertising product rendering, and cinematic animation.

These commodities perfectly reflect even the smallest nuances, providing a visually stunning and realistic look. Whether it’s creating believability characters, environments, or ware prototypes, full-fidelity items are an invaluable active for bringing ideas to life with unprecedented naturalness and attention to elements.

3D Model Design Products

What is 3D Model?

It is a digital representation of an object or scene created using specialized applications and techniques. It is a multidimensional virtual analogue of a physical item or concept, supplying comprehensive visualization, analysis and interaction.

They are widely applied in different industries, including engineering, products design, animation, games, and synthetic reality. They serve as the foundation for technological exhibitions, simulations and presentations. By accurately capturing the geometry, texture, and other characteristics of a good, they provide a realistic and immersive experience.

The creation process involves the use of special software. Artists manipulate vertices, edges, and faces to form a model and define its shape. They can also apply structures, materials, and lighting effects to improve realism and visual appeal.

Once developed, files can be further enhanced, animated, or rendered to produce high-quality images, or used as the basis for manufacturing, prototyping, or computer-generated depiction. They provide a versatile and efficient way to conceptualize, visualize and communicate complex locations or ideas in an electronic environment.

Thus, it is a variety of computerized demonstration of a thing or landscape that allows for detailed exhibit, research, and engagement. Today it serves as an important tool in various sectors, providing plausible imitation in an augmented atmosphere.