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Digital Design Processes by Atelier Atimevis

Digitized Creative Procedures

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Digital Animation Processes Stages, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


It is the art of making the illusion of movement through a series of shots. It consists of the manipulation of visual elements such as drawings, models or digital assets to convey action. Displaying a sequence of images in rapid succession, composes the impression of fluid motion and brings characters, objects to life.

CG animated film encompasses a wide range of styles, for example bi or three-dimensional clip, special effects, item interactions and more. The main goal of this is to present engaging content in a dynamic way that can effectively portray a message.

It is used in various industries such as movie, television, advertising, gaming, multimedia to communicate ideas and entertain audiences. Product can be provided both separately and as part of a complex computerized project, depending on the needs of the customer.

Creating Digital Design Content Processes Steps, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


Collaboration to develop and implement various unique digital content for individuality projects. These can be creative products for a website, advertising your services on marketplaces or social networks, a unique identity.

There are options for creating something new from scratch or refining ready-made templates, layouts, specific works. Therefore, everything depends only on the wishes, ideas, needs of the client.

In today’s world with ever-increasing competition, you must try to keep pace with trends. Using top technologies will help you stay ahead of your competitors in the market. Moreover, this is important both for enterprises, organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

Digital Drawing Processes Steps, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


The term refers to the artistic process of developing visual representations using traditional or digital mediums. It encompasses a variety of techniques, such as sketching, shading, coloring, composition, all aimed at visually conveying concepts, ideas, tales.

In computer graphics, two primary kinds are commonly used: raster and vector. Bitmap consists of a grid of pixels, where each pixel contains shade information that, when combined, forms a complete picture. Scalable illustrations are based on mathematical equations and geometric shapes.

Pixel-based excel in capturing intricate details and producing realistic images, while line-based is ideal for creating clean and flexible artworks. The choice of format depends on the specific project requirements and the desired end result.

Editing Digital Files Processes Steps, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


Electronic content modifying services is a product redacting and enhancement using various specialized software apps. Works may include correcting images, graphics, models, recordings and other forms of digitized media files. All to enhance their visual appeal or make them further suitable for a particular objective.

These can be tasks such as color correction, picture resizing, cropping, retouching and compositing, video reworking, prototype topology cleaning. As well as UV map adjustment, adding or removing elements, improving the standard of the entire scene, and much more.

The purpose of redaction audiovisual resources is to optimize their structure, perfect quality, maintain consistency, ensure that the end result meets specific requirements or goals.

Digital Lighting Processes Stages, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


The procedure of imitating the properties and actions of light in a virtual volumetric environment. This is a fundamental aspect of tri-dimensional graphics, greatly affects the overall believable, perceptible quality of a stage.

First of all, it provides illumination of the setting, allowing you to see all the objects on its surface. The mood, atmosphere, impression of the work depends on the choice of strategy, location, intensity, direction, emission colors.

Lighting contributions a decisive role in determining the shape, form, texture of things. It brings out their details, adds depth by creating shadows or highlights. The play of brightness and shade helps develop a sense of realism and visual interest in the view.

3D Modeling Processes Stages, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


The technique of producing three-dimensional models of objects using specialized computer software. It involves manipulating a set of points in a volumetric space to create a virtual representation of the good.

High-quality modeling includes the production of both organic and non-organic shapes. As well as the creation of textures, materials, lighting effects to make the digital things look further realistic.

All of these items can be used by businesses, individuals, organizations for a variety of commercial or non-commercial purposes. For example, product design, architecture, engineering, video game development, animation, and more others.

Rendering Processes Steps, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


It is a vital process in the world of computer graphics that breathes life into electronic creations. It involves converting three-dimensional models to flat images or videos with intricate details, textures, elements, sight effects. Through the use of specialized software, powerful hardware, it crafts magnificent visuals that captivate the audience and convey complex ideas.

Visualization allows to accurately show believable environments, characters, objects, making them indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts.

Thus, this procedure combines artistic vision, technical knowledge and processing power to develop realistic pictures. Whether it’s entertainment, architecture, product design or other industries, it enhances the optical experience and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

Digital Simulation Processes Stages, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


The service comprises the designing and integration of lifelike and captivating perceptible enhancements across various media formats. Utilizing specialized software, dynamic elements like particles, liquids, fire, smoke, wind, explosions are meticulously controlled and incorporated.

These stunning effects find wide application in film, television, gaming, advertising, enriching scenes with enhanced visible impact and imagination. Proficiency in fields like physics is essential to accurately replicate the interaction of these visuals with environments or items.

In essence, this powerful tool empowers users to generate, analyze, refine, manipulate intricate systems within virtual surroundings. It serves as a valuable asset across diverse industries and continues to improve in response to the ever-changing demands of modern technology.

Texturing Processes Steps, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


The process of making and application high-resolution, detailed substance to a 3D model to give it a more lifelike appearance. The development of which is carried out using special programs.

Texturing contains applying colors, patterns, materials such as wood, metal, glass, fabric or concrete to surfaces. Adding bumps or grooves to simulate true-to-life covering, adjusting lighting, shading to create depth and natural.

It is an essential step in the modeling, as it can greatly enhance the visual appeal of the final product, forming them appear additional like real-world objects.

Digital Visualization Processes Stages, Elements Examples, Research & Engineering by Atelier Atimevis


Producing visual presentations of different products, merchandises. Usually performed in the form of images or animations that demonstrate the characteristics, functionality, benefits of the commodity. Development typically involves creating illustrations, samples, using textures, adjusting lighting, camera angles to create authentic, visually appealing pictures or videos.

All of these are used for marketing and promotional purposes, as well as for internal feature reviews or presentations to help potential customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Visualization can be useful for a different of industries, including architecture, marketing, medicine, automotive, manufacturing. It can help create quality media content for use in ranging from sales to education and training.