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Unleash the potential of your business with cutting-edge computerized two-dimensional designs. Whether you need stunning artwork, a premium logo, captivating animation, icons, an eye-catching catalog or brochure, our professional team is ready to bring your ideas to life.

With a wide range of graphic services, we serve a variety of industries and creative needs. We use only industry-leading software and techniques to produce top-quality exciting and impressive visualizations that resonate with any audience. From concept development to final implementation, we pay close attention to detail to ensure that every element fits your vision perfectly.

Experience now the power of modern 2D in brand identity enhancement, marketing materials and online presence. In work, we combine artistic flair with technical knowledge to create high-quality products that leave a lasting impression. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand unique requirements and offer comprehensive customized solutions that take visual communication to the next level. Contact us today, and we will turn all your conceptions into visually breathtaking reality.

2D Computer Graphics (CG) Solutions by Development Company Atimevis

Electronic Bidimensional Offerings

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Raster 2D Computer Graphics (CG) by Development Company Atimevis


Also known as bitmap graphics, this is a digital image format that is widely used in the computer environment. Such pictures are composed of a grid of pixels, where each pixel contains color information. The mesh structure allows accurate display of details and complex shading effects.

This type is actively applied in various fields such as modern photography, web page styling and any technological projects. They provide a high level of authentic realism and are suitable for realizing intricate elements and realistic textures.

However, since illustrations are resolution dependent, resizing them may result in loss of quality. At the same time, with different media editing applications, you can manage, edit, and enhance all settings to create stunning visuals and dazzling representations.

Vector 2D Computer Graphics (CG) by Development Company Atimevis


This is the next digitized illustration format that has become very popular in the modern world. Unlike raster, this technology is based on mathematical equations and geometric shapes. Instead of storing color information for each individual pixel, the vector uses points, lines, curves, and other math properties.

This unique characteristic allows images to be scaled indefinitely without any loss in quality. Therefore, such a tool is ideal in work where unlimited ability to vary and adjust dimensions is required. It is this feature that is needed when creating a real shop logos, artworks and typography.

In addition, it is often used in print publications and large-scale projects because it can be easily adapted to different resolutions and styles. Due to its flexibility and versatility, scalable graphics are a powerful instrument for making visually appealing and professional looking compositions.

2D Computer Graphics (CG) Technologies

What is 2D Computer Graphics?

This kind of design refers to the creation and management of visual components in a planar space. It involves the use of software tools to produce, edit, and animate images, drawings, and media.

With this category of graphics, designers can discover and bring their ideas to life with shapes, colors, lines and textures, working in a flat environment without depth. This form of digital art is frequently employed in various industries including graphic conceptualization, advertising, games, and animation.

From developing logos and icons to constructing electronic pictures and storyboards, 2-dimensional provides a versatile and flexible medium for artistic expression and perceptual communication.

With the help of specialized programs and intuitive user interfaces, painters can easily manipulate and transform visible aspects, providing limitless possibilities for creativity and generating visually appealing and mesmerizing artwork.