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Introducing our exclusive pre-made two-dimensional digitized assets. Enhance the look of projects with a rich collection of professionally crafted media designed to keep you time and effort, and help effectively showcase creations with style and finesse. Whether you’re an artist, marketer or business owner, our ready-to-use solutions are the perfect way for the visual presentation of any good, advertisement or branding material.

With our pre-built computerized content, you can easily turn designs into stunning scenic works without the need for complex software or extensive editing skills. Simply choose the right layout from a wide range and without difficulty add them into your jobs. All sets are created in accordance with the latest trends, so any files will look modern and professional.

Save valuable time and resources with high-quality products that integrate seamlessly into all sorts of tasks. Impress customers with alluring artwork. Level up your online uniqueness and stand out from the competition in creative ways.

Digital 2D Mockups by Bureau Atimevis

Digital Flat Mock-Ups

Welcome to our computerized bidimensional prototypes page, find below the exact right remedy for your needs

Abstract 2D Digital Mockups Store: Services, Patterns, Molds & Forms by Bureau Atimevis


This is an inspired exhibition that helps showcase your imaginative concepts in an artistic and innovative way. It combines aesthetics and functionality, giving you a visually striking preview of your project. Whether you are working on a website, app or any automated platform.

In reality, these are not just static images! They breathe life into your vision. Special attention to detail provides an opportunity to reflect your trademark personality and resonate with your target audience. All these assets support to add interesting beautiful solutions and communicate individual ideas to the team or clients more effectively.

Package 2D Digital Mockups Store: Services, Patterns, Molds & Forms by Bureau Atimevis


It’s a powerful tool that can help you match or spice up your bundling with stunning visual content. Whether you’re just designing a covering style, updating or preparing materials for retail, e-commerce or marketing promotion, these technological assortments are suitable for each of these cases.

All these are not just ordinary images, these are carefully thought out and executed works designed to highlight every detail of a unique good. We always pay special attention to aesthetics and realism, therefore we preserve and accurately convey the essence and maintenance of the ware. All this allows you to faithfully depict the message and information to clients or interested parties.

Podium 2D Digital Mockups Store: Services, Patterns, Molds & Forms by Bureau Atimevis


This is an electronic representation of a platform or stage setup, created using advanced creative techniques. The final commodity offers a realistic and immersive stand visualization, allowing designers and marketers to demonstrate their products, works, or other items in a visually compelling and engaging way.

One of the key benefits of this volumetric pedestal layout is its flexibility and customization. Users can personalize the file by adjusting colors, textures, and other visual elements to suit their label or specific requirements. This allows you to compose a unique and tailored demonstration that effectively showcases your favorites.

Digital 2D Mockup Design Products

What is 2D Digital Mockup?

It is a versatile and user-friendly solution for demonstrating your works in a visually appealing way. With a wide range of customizable elements and details, it makes it easy to present conceptions, illustrations and artworks in a professional and attractive way.

Whether you need to display brand identity materials, social media content, or website design, off-the-shelf products streamline the process, saving you time and effort. By applying a variety of ready-made layouts to your projects, you can easily preview the final good in minutes.

With this innovative tool, you can now bring your creative ideas to life, impress your customers, and stand out from your direct competitors. Enhance the presentation of your jobs with the stunning visuals and styles offered on our store. All this will eventually move worthy results.

Thus, pre-built tech-driven bundles offer a multipurpose and realistic addition to any type of graphics. They augment visualization, facilitate communication, and provide space for specialists to highlight unique features and innovations. Due to the flexibility and versatility, each of the files can be applied in different directions and areas of creativity.