3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Materials by Development Company Atimevis

Take your projects to the next level with modern digital techniques. Our skilled design team is experienced in creating highly detailed and realistic 3D models that will bring life to any artwork. Whether you’re looking to visualize product prototypes, engineering items, present novelty, promote commodity, improve the perception of discovery or conception, or develop stunning animations, we’re here to help make any job a reality.

We understand that each request is unique, and our individual approach ensures that the work is tailored to specific requirements and tasks. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we move your vision to actuality in the most fun and exciting way. From three-dimensional modeling simple goods to realizing complex objects, we pride ourselves on providing assets that always impress and attract an interested audience.

Prepare to stand out from your direct competitors using the latest computer tools. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology and open up a world of designing possibilities. Let a crew of experts turn your ideas into breathtaking tri-dimensional masterpieces that will leave a lasting impression on all clients.

3D Modeling Solutions by Development Company Atimevis

Simulating Methods

There are several common types of fabricating practices used to achieve different goals and objectives

Parametric 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Materials by Development Company Atimevis


This strategy allows for the generating of items using parameters and predefined rules. It enables easy modification and adjustment of the media’s properties and is frequently practiced in engineering and architectural planning.

Photogrammetry 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Materials by Development Company Atimevis


Photogrammetry includes capturing real-world elements or environments using photographs and reconstructing them into 3D wares. It is applied for shaping highly realistic and accurate samples of physical things.

Polygonal 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Materials by Development Company Atimevis


This technique involves creating assets using polygons, which are flat geometric shapes with straight sides. It is actively employed for producing pieces with hard edges and seamless exteriors.

Procedural 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Materials by Development Company Atimevis


This style entails composing goods using algorithms and mathematical functions. It allows for the generation of complex and detailed prototypes with repetitive patterns or structures.

Spline 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Materials by Development Company Atimevis


NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) crafting uses mathematical curves and surfaces to build smooth and precise volumetric objects. It is commonly used in industries such as automotive and industrial design.

Sculpting 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Materials by Development Company Atimevis


This type allows artists to digitally sculpt models as if they were working with clay or other shaping materials. It offers a more organic and intuitive approach to forming and is extensively implemented in character and creature conceptualize.

3D Modeling Design Processes

What is 3D Modelling?

It is a versatile and innovative technology that brings creative ideas to life in the smallest specific. Modern advanced software and techniques allow you to create realistic and high quality multidimensional models that are suitable for various fields and jobs.

It can be as architectural renderings showing intricate building plans, item prototypes that highlight every element. As well as character creation, game or app development resources, and others.

The service is not limited to static works, all kinds of dynamic projects are also widely applied. We are talking about carefully detailed animations and simulations. They allow demonstrating in an engaging format the full functionality and behavior of an object.

The benefits of tool are enormous. Firstly, there is an opportunity to effectively transform the task, since changes can be easily made in the digital environment. Second, natural visualization is provided, helping clients and stakeholders to better understand and evaluate the work. In addition, believable replicas can be used for augmented reality, reproductions and virtual tours, providing a captivating and communicative interactivity.

The rapid improvement of modeling programs and computer components every year opens up more and more new opportunities in ingenuity. Now you can do things that were simply impossible before. Many companies in the industry are increasingly using such products in business processes. Because it really allows you to stand out in a super competitive market and reach a new level.

So, the possibilities available are endless. They unlocked a world of creativity and innovation, allowing you to generate stunning visuals and immersive experiences. Take advantage of all the opportunities and discover new facets of design and storytelling.