Polygon Modeling Services, Solutions & Proposals by Working Studio Atimevis

Introducing a world of simulation where the creativity of the artwork is conveyed with the precision of the real environment. Our experienced team specializes in creating high quality wares that are suitable for a wide variety of industries and projects. Whether you need low-, mid- or high-poly models, we provide the highest excellence products that will help to discover the ability of your business.

The first type is ideal for optimizing performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether it’s a mobile app, game or presentation, our work strikes the right balance between visual appeal and efficiency.

For jobs that require more detail and complexity, the second kind is applicable. These objects are ideal for architectural visualization, commodity design and animation applications that demand a higher level of realism and accuracy.

If you need the most detailed and realistic items relevant for cinematic rendering, CGI effects and digital art creation, then the third option is for you. Using this technique, you can capture every nuance, element of texture or any other characteristic that will give the work an unrivaled standard of depth and naturalism.

Polygon 3D Modeling Solutions by Working Studio Atimevis

Polygonal Simulating Offerings

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Low-Poly 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Proposals by Working Studio Atimevis


This is an innovative technique focused on creating volumetric models with a minimum number of polygons. This approach results in simplified geometries that retain visual appeal while reducing rendering and processing requirements. It is this feature that makes it an ideal choice for real-time applications such as video games, interactive simulations and virtual reality.

Mid-Poly 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Proposals by Working Studio Atimevis


This is a versatile and balanced expert methodology that provides a harmonious mix of high-resolution and low-resolution methods. It involves creating prototypes with a moderate segment count, offering a higher level of detail than minimalist models, yet optimized for performance and efficiency.

High-Poly 3D Modeling Services, Solutions & Proposals by Working Studio Atimevis


This is an advanced technology that pushes the boundaries of visual realism and detail. It includes the creation of 3D objects with many polygons, which allows you to create complex and realistic visualizations of goods, characters and environments. An unparalleled level of believability and fidelity can be achieved with this method, making it ideal for rendering, cinematic scenes, and high quality imaging.

Polygon 3D Modeling Design Processes

What is Polygonal Modeling?

This is a fundamental technique used in computer graphics. It involves creating multidimensional objects by assembling individual facets such as triangles or quadrilaterals to form the surface of the model.

The process begins by defining the basic shape of a piece using simple geometric elements such as cubes, spheres, or cylinders. These primitives serve as building blocks for producing more complex contours. By manipulating and connecting the vertices, edges and faces of these partitions, you can generate complicated and detailed works.

One of the key advantages of this type of simulation is its versatility. Its application allows precise oversee over the profile and structure of the prototype, allowing artists to make believable and multifaceted things. Segments can be added, modified, or removed to refine the geometry and achieve the desired level of detail.

In addition, this view contributes to extra efficient representation and animation. The flat exteriors of sections are well suited for shading and UV mapping, allowing realistic materials and textures to be applied. In inclusion, they are widely supported by rendering engines and can be smoothly animated, making them ideal for dynamic and interactive apps.

But despite the great flexibility, the creation procedure is also fraught with difficulties. Controlling the topology or part placement is critical to ensure smooth deformations and proper visualizing. Designers must pay attention to border position, fragment density, and overall geometrical components to achieve the wanted results.

Along with the development of software instruments and methods, modeling has become additional accessible and streamlined. Now modern programs provide a rich set of tools and features to streamline and speed up the operation. For example, these are functions such as extrusion, beveling, smoothing and sculpting to fashion and refining facades.

Thus, this professional direction is now a universal and frequently employed strategy for developing three-dimensional samples. It provides exact manage over the pattern and aspect of goods that are essential for future natural imaging. Now it has become easier to unleash your imaginative potential and bring any creative ideas to life.