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Unlock the power of breathtaking computerized design with our digital media files development offerings. We are committed to helping you turn your ideas into stunning creative masterpieces. Our professional team combines artistic sophistication with cutting-edge technology to bring concepts to life.

Our extensive range of expert services covers all aspects of computer graphics creation. Whether you need an eye-catching 2D illustration, realistic or stylized 3D models, premium content for your marketing materials, website, product presentation and advertising, or magnificent animation, we have an experience that will exceed your expectations. We use only the most advanced software and tools to ensure the highest level of accuracy and detail in every project.

We understand that every business is unique, and we take a personal approach to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. From prototyping to job completion, we work closely with you to ensure you get the results you expect. Our commitment to quality and meeting deadlines sets us apart by ensuring that all work is completed on time. Boost your brand appeal and captivate your audience with modern technique.

Computer Graphics (CG) Solutions by Working Studio Atimevis

Computerized Visuals Offerings

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2D Computer Graphics (CG) by Working Studio Atimevis


It is a form of digital ingenuity that focuses on the creation and manipulation of two-dimensional representations and artworks. It involves using program tools to craft static or animated bidimensional images with width and height but no depth.

From simple shapes and primitives to complex compositions, planar illustrations offer a versatile platform for observable storytelling, branding and design. Artists use techniques such as drawing, coloring, and sketching to develop aesthetically appealing pictures for a variety of uses, including advertising, UI, video games, films.

Along with the gradual development of this method, it has become more sophisticated, allowing for the display of accurate particulars, vivid shades, and smooth motion. Whether creating characters, identities, icons or concept arts, flat CG provides a flexible and accessible medium for artistic expression and visual communication.

3D Computer Graphics (CG) by Working Studio Atimevis


It is a dynamic and impressive art form that brings objects and environments to life in volumetric space. It involves the creation, editing, filling with fine small details, manipulation and rendering of items using specialized applications and procedures.

Incorporating depth, perspective and realistic lighting, tri-dimensional oeuvres create visually stunning and believable images. From character animation and architectural visualizations to product presentation and special effects in films, the scope is unbelievably wide. Professionals use modeling, texturing, rigging, and simulation methods to compose and animate complex goods, personalities, and scenes.

The result is a virtual world in which elements can be viewed from any angle and simulate the process of lifelike interaction with each other. As technology advances, three-dimensional electronic graphics continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, enabling compelling and outstanding experiences across industries.

Computer Graphics (CG) Technologies

What is Computer Graphics?

It is a sphere of study and practice that focuses on the creation, management and display of visual data using devices. It involves the use of algorithms, apps, and special equipment to fabricate and render images, animations, and interactive experiences.

One of the main goals of this technology is to produce realistic and visually appealing graphics. This includes prototyping and presentation techniques that simulate the behavior of light, materials, and textures to achieve lifelike results. It also contains the making and manipulation of virtual objects, scenes, and surroundings to tell stories, communicate information, or engage users.

All this finds application in various industries, including enjoyment (film, television, video games), design (architecture, product), education, scientific demonstration and modeling. Modern capabilities have revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with electronic content, delivering great emotions and enhancing them with creative instruments.

Advances in the world of computing have led to the development of powerful software tools, rendering engines, and hardware machines that allow artists, designers, and developers to build ever additional authentic and perceptually stunning outcomes. From creating breathtaking visible effects in movies to crafting natural augmented realities. Digitalization is now playing a key role in shaping our proficiency and expanding the borders of observable storytelling.

Thus, computer-based representation is an interdisciplinary field that combines art, science and advancements to generate and manage computerized wares. It has changed the business, entertainment and communication to make believable, communicative and aesthetically immersive knowledge. Whether it’s bringing imaginary worlds to life or visualizing complex particulars. More and more new programs continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the simulated environment.